Saturday, December 31, 2011

Runners to Your Marks

I do not do transitions well. A day like this last day of 2011 finds me melancholy.

Looking ahead to the horizon I see nothing but changes in this unknown 2012.

There will be goals achieved. There will be celebrations of huge importance.

Our oldest son will toss his hat into the air with a meaning which only a West Point cadet can understand

and have bird seed tossed at him with a zeal which only wedding guests can perform.

My youngest son will finish high school and begin college. I will finish 23 years of parenting. I will begin the days when Hillcrest Cottage's walls will quietly whisper the stories of boyhood sword fights, marathon video game parties, late night kitchen raids, and the loud laughter of family gatherings.

Yes, the walls will talk. They will talk a lot.

They will speak of the love we do here, of forgiveness, of grace, of a thousand 'I love you' moments, of acceptance and belonging. The yucky stuff, sifted through grace, will be trampled underfoot and swept aside as rubbish. The good stuff will rise as a sweet aroma full of goodness,

like the smell of bacon on a snowy morning.

In this new 2012, I will write about transitions... a lot. I will talk about finishing... a lot.

If you care to join my 2012 roller coaster ride, you may understand what it means to accomplish a worthy goal. I imagine the lows will be very low and the highs will be very high.

And... as life goes... I am certain there will be a sprinkling of unexpected sorrows and joys.

My motto for 2012 of "Finish Strong" finds its roots in Hebrews 12;1,2:

Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus.

Runners to your mark... get set... GO.

The Lettered Cottage is hosting a "Word for the Year" link party. She is encouraging us to periodically post blogs relating to our chosen word.


  1. Think I am a little head of you in this race ... or maybe a couple of cars ahead on that roller coaster that leads to what's coming next ... transitions take a bit of time, though ... so if we have until 2112 to "finish strong" ... somehow I think I can manage it ...

    Happy New Year, Bev!


  2. Oh my friend, my entire 2011 was a transition year--completely unexpected when it began. And my youngest will be leaving the nest in just four short years, so you'd better keep writing it out because I'll need the help when my time comes.

    Happy New Year!!

  3. Sounds like an exciting year for you and your family! Enjoy!! :)

  4. You're killing me! I am crying now, I feel that love and sweetness, the bitterness of goodbyes and yet the rejoicing that you were at least afforded many precious moments which made the transitions all the more painful. My oldest OS graduates WP, the middle graduates HS, the Hubs and I turn 50 and we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary all in 2012 and that's all I know so far, if all goes as I assume it will. So glad I have you as a WP friend, writing buddy and sister in Christ. Thanks for sharing and activating and
    my lacrimal glands!

    1. My cadet's graduation and my high schooler's graduation are on the same day... break a mama's heart.