Monday, March 26, 2012

Hillcrest Cottage Calligraphy

Late-Night Calligraphy Session.

These days, Hillcrest Cottage has beautiful wedding invitations lined up across the art table with black ink drying. My right hand has a permanent black stain with black ink under my index finger's nail.

I made a quick trip to my favorite art store last week to purchase more ink. The owner asked how I was doing, and I held up my right hand exposing the black on my fingers. She smiled and gave me a knowing calligrapher's look.

Calligraphy is art... yes, but this kind of calligraphy is work... yes.

Back-breaking, hand-numbing, labor-intensive work.

But, I really love it and am looking forward to many more jobs this wedding season.

The following are examples of the styles from which clients may currently choose:

Spencerian Style

Italics Style

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