Saturday, April 28, 2012

Calligraphy Slave

Dear Blog,

I will be shackled to pen quills and nibs dipped in carbon black ink until mid-May. I will miss you, but all the 'finishing' of which I have spoken must be financed somehow. Therefore, I must finish well the third wedding calligraphy job of this month while simultaneously juggling preparations for two graduations, a week long trip to West Point, wedding rehearsal dinner plans, my responsibilities as the West Point Parents Club president, lots of end-of-year testing in my 'fake patient' job at the university medical center, while walking daily over Hillcrest Cottage's half-finished entry hall floor. Throw in my normal routine and ministries obligations and... well... it's kinda wild.

I have read that a normal load of 'hats' people can wear at one time is generally 4 to 5. I counted the other day, and I am currently at 11. Needless to say, I am having to work very hard at keeping focused, staying close to my to-do list, rejoicing at every task that is completed.

I am also aware that seasons of life are like a swirling tornado. I pray a lot and hang on for dear life knowing that the wildness will pass quickly. Usually, the only room left after a tornado's disaster is the bathroom, so that's a plus for me because I find that a long, hot bath can cure most anything.

Next time I see you my West Point cadet will be a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army.

Your Friend,
Hillcrest Cottage

P.S. I may pop in to review an awesome skirt from my friends at Fresh Produce. I currently want one in every color. This skirt will definitely be my 'go to' fashion piece from now until the leaves begin falling. It is so comfy and can be dressed up with ballet flats and a cute top or can be paired with flip flops. It is light and flirty but doesn't add 'weight' to me... a big plus. The fabric is very soft and comfy and would pack well for a trip.

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  1. Bev, greetings from an Old friend by way of U of A and CCC! Love keeping up with you via Facebook and hearing about your precious. Family. It sounds like you wear as many hats asyou used to they have just changed! Know you're excited and proud of your children Wow what accomplishments! Love to you and Jeff

    Laura Olmstead Durmon

  2. Hey you cute thing... thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. So great to hear from you!!! I am doing Rhetta's daughter's wedding invitations. Both her daughter and my West Point son are getting married this summer! My youngest son is headed up to Fayetteville in August and has been invited to try out of the Razorbacks... training hard for that. I know you understand all that means.

    Whew... life is wild right now.

  3. Interesting about the hats--I had never heard that before. But like you, I'm wearing a few too many right now. For the next month or so, in addition to being mom of a h.s. graduate and getting a college girl home and ready to go again for the summer, I'll be hosting a LOT of people in our home. Call me an innkeeper. :)

    I love hearing about your interesting life, so blog when you can. I'll still be here reading! And thanks for the tip on the skirt. I'm leading a missions trip to Italy this summer and this will be PERFECT to take with me. :)

  4. Hang in there, girl! And don't forget to enjoy the ride. See you at the wedding!