Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Craft Sale Season

It is Craft Sale Season at Hillcrest Cottage.

Add to my craft- making: Single-handedly moving my mom to her new place living with my brother & painting her new bedroom for her.

I think this "HOPE" banner is for me... hope to get back to my blog-reading & writing; hope for afternoons riding my bike before the winter weather comes; hope that Mac the Labradoodle, Beautiful Lucy the Doodle-less & I will take some long walks down by the river; hope that I can FINISH STRONG in my year of "Finish" ( looking more like I will have to extend this motto to 2013 & I don't want to do that!); hope that life might slow down... just a tad... not enough to be boring, but enough to allow me to live my life value of : Slow Down & Simplify.

Breaks over... sigh... back to the Hillcrest Cottage sweatshop.

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