Thursday, January 9, 2014

Time to Think about Time

I am thinking about "time"... and the passing of it... and the year ahead. I am setting goals... and cleaning house... and sending my college guy back to school.

The Hillcrest Cottage December was filled with warm fires... time spent together...

                                            with hot chocolate and handmade marshmallows.

Time was invested in family and...

more family and...

face time with military son. (Thank you, technology.)

With the help of a son, the Hillcrest Cottage year began with painting three rooms... which led to rearranging and cleaning everything.

Now, it is time for "normal" to return. (Whatever normal means.) It is time to set goals and look forward. I sense that exciting things are around the corner. I am anxious to start the daily work of working toward achieving my dreams.

Welcome 2014.

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