Friday, February 19, 2010

Etsy Fun

Periodically, I have decided to share some "Etsy Fun" here at Hillcrest Cottage. It will be like we are sitting on Mac the Labradoodle's favorite sunny daybed drinking coffee and sharing life.

I am very passionate about supporting independent artists( because 'I is one' : Hillcrest Cottage Etsy ). Etsy is the place to give that support online!

With the entire world available at our computer's click, it becomes increasingly difficult to find "uniqueness." Used to be, a person would go on a trip and would bring home something that no one else could have!

I remember with fondness traveling to California in 1973, returning home with the coolest hippy-stuff ever. A pair of white 6" platform shoes embellished with tiny red hearts. A funky 70's style brimmed hat made from recycled Levi's (Was there any other jean in that day? No.) , and 'recycled' was yet to be invented. California was sooo cool to this Arkansas girl!

No more.

Now we can have the 'lousy t-shirt' without Grandma leaving home.

Click on the Handmade Pledge button above and see my favorite item from another Arkansas Etsy-an. Be prepared to get lost in the world of 'handmade'.


  1. Oh girl... I can SO RELATE!!! If I'm not careful I could get lost for days on end! :D But truly, Etsy amazes me and inspires me and makes me want to be a better artisan as well, you know? I think it's all good :) But if I don't resurface in an hour, send in the forces! lol!


  2. I just read your comment on my Heavenly Savings blog! Thanks for stopping by!

    I signed up for Blog Giveaways to win those prizes. I don't ever sign up for giveaways of things that I will not use. When the prizes are delivered I will use them in my home and then write a product review of the item for my blog.(I like to do that to help out the small companies that are trying to make a go out of their products) My little girl is looking forward to her Tutu and I got her Easter gift with the gift card! I added a link that you can follow to some blog giveaways if you would like to check it out!
    Thanks again for stopping by!


  3. Thank you so much for featuring my Domino Desk Set on your blog! Whoa, I also remember those platform shoes!ha. You are so right, who would have ever thought we could travel the world by cyber-space right from our easy chair? It is very hard to find "different" anymore but the very best finds on etsy are the unique treasures of friends!

  4. I love seeing others' fun etsy finds - what an addictive site! Great pledge to take - I look foward to checking out your store as well! :)