Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vintage Travel Fun

The year was 1950, Europe was recovering from WWII and 6 sorority sisters bon voyaged from NY's Pier 86 to begin their 3 month long first-class European adventure. Nat King Cole's "Mona Lisa" was a fitting theme song as the red lipstick and rouge clad women danced their way across the Atlantic. Dressed in tailored suits with tourist maps and guidebooks in hand, they made their way towards 'la tour Eiffel' and Harrod's.

Fifty plus years later, I opened a dusty, WWII footlocker to a time capsule filled to the brim with my mother's European travel brochures and suitcase stickers and all the stuff one would expect to be packed away after the trip of a lifetime.

Since I discovered the fun of my computer + scanner + printer I have had joyful creative time with my mother's travel scraps. Check out my billfold wallet designed for the lover of vintage travel! Included are my original artwork, my mom's map of Paris, a ticket from a Monaco casino, and best travel wishes sent by my grandparents to her boat's state room.

Great fun...just wanted to share.

I think the 'French Sunflower' wallet would be a great gift for a traveler...especially when a fully-loaded Starbucks card is slipped inside!


  1. What an amazing trip they must have had - trip of a lifetime indeed! Have a great time going through everything!

  2. What a wonderful thing to have that incredible locker full of your Mom's memories! That's a real treasure!!

    Beautiful posting, your blog is very interesting. Thanks for a fun time reading your lovely blog.

  3. I recognized your grandmother's handwriting. Wow! What treasure!