Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter at Hillcrest Cottage

I could pretend that Hillcrest Cottage is surrounded by rolling meadows filled with wild flowers...or...admit that the positive side of not having yet mowed the lawn for the first time this spring has produced many beautiful wild flowers.

Oh, the sweet smell of Carolina Jasmine when it's in full bloom.

I love the shady hide-away produced by the vines thickly covering this area.

This old bath tub was a part of Hillcrest Cottage's landscape when we arrived 10 years ago. The guys used to fill it up with water on hot Arkansas summer days. I keep thinking I would like to make a fountain out of it.

Mac the Labradodle enjoyed an afternoon outside. She loves to smell flowers...and eat them, too.

Happy Easter!!!


  1. Looks like spring is popping up all around you!

  2. Oh gosh...... I bet your entire garden smells wonderful! Love Mac the Labradoodle :)

    I hope your Easter was lovely! :)