Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Even More Estate Sale Fun

I'm thinking that autumn is the best time for estate sales in my neighborhood. The crisp fall air brings out the shoppers... including me! I would tell you how much (little) I paid for these new and awesome red pillows... but, then, you know what I would have to do to you, and we don't want that.

Mac the Labradoodle graciously volunteered to pose amidst my new additions. The pillows have down inserts and are matelasse. I don't speak French, so I had to look up how to pronounce this word which I was pronouncing incorrectly: Matelasse

Gotta run some freshly baked brownies (addressed to my off-campus college guy who cooks for himself and exists on Dollar Store food) to the post office.

I'll be on my purple cruiser, of course!


  1. WOW Bev - those pillows were a great score! Nice job! Please tell Mac she's a great model :) And have fun on your cruiser - your boy is gonna LOVE those brownies!


  2. What wonderful finds, it is such fun finding treasures for little isn't it :) LOVE your dog, so gorgeous, Catherine x

  3. Thanks for the pronunciation guide -- I had it incorrectly, too.

    It was indeed thoughtful of Mac to be your "Vanna." She looks quite lovely with the new find's color popping behind and beside her.

    A brownie care package -- you're a great mom!