Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thoughts from a Fall Walk

This, my fall- inspired knapsack, is perfect for holding my I-Phone tuned into Pandora Radio (Coldplay Station). I simply sling the pack onto my back and head out the door for a power walk. I know I have shown this knapsack before, but I recently added a new twist... the vintage 1952 "Paris in 4 Days" brochure and Paris Metropolitain map peeking from the pocket (iron on transfer method I have recently discovered... the possibilities become endless!)

On my walk I noticed how pretty the foliage is becoming.

Thoughts drifting through my head today went something like this:
Today is all I have right now; most days are simple, ordinary, and routine. Somehow,in the middle of doing all that calls my name, I am compelled to put an exclamation point on a sentence or two. There! I did it!

Even if I have to tell a funny story to my own self while pouring a cup of Tazo spearmint-flavored green tea from my owl tea pot...

... and while cleaning the plaque off my brain, I might raise my favorite Emma Bridgewater mug in a teatime toast.

Should I tell you about how my husband went to London, and I asked him to bring back this very, specific mug, and he had to walk into the shop asking for the "Blue Tit" mug? Maybe I shouldn't... but I just did... ha ha.

I will celebrate life, breathing, hot baths at night, puppy dogs who lick my ear, a family who lets me live with them, outdoor fires on cool nights...

... good oatmeal, the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking, warm covers piled high on the bed, my rickety fence in need of repair, the ability to love myself and enjoy my own company...


P.S. I am looking forward to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, because of its simplicity: food, family, and a grateful heart.

I wish Christmas could take a cue.


  1. Love your thoughts ... your teapot ... and you!

  2. I have one thing to say about your PS: AMEN, on sooooo many levels. I could not agree more.

  3. Bev, what a great post - I loved it :) It was like having a little visit with you during the course of your day, and like reading a gratitude list at the same time. Awesome!

    That tree in your neighborhood is gorgeous! And I want your knapsack. And you've inspired me to figure out how Pandora works cuz I just don't get it :/


  4. You just gave me a case of the warm fuzzies! Thanksgiving is my favorite, too -- those memories remain the sharpest.

    I miss fall colors here.

    Love the owl teapot! (And, of course, the blue tit teacup! *tee hee*))

  5. Bev,
    So nice to hear from a fellow Little Rock blogger. As for the get together, I am in the dark, too! I have connected with Stephanie, the site coordinator, since we are both from Mississippi, but I do not know anyone else attending. I am planning to get there early to help her set up, and if you would like to join me, I'd love that! Let me know if you are interested. If nothing else, maybe you can connect to at least a couple of new blogger friends in our area!
    Amanda is my regular email...send me yours, too, so we can communicate that way...

  6. Hey there! I'm brand new to your blog!

    I see that your son goes to West Point! That is just across the river from me! I wish him a ton of luck there!

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting me too!

  7. I LOVE the Hudson Valley area because:
    1. So much interesting history.
    2 .It's one of the prettiest areas in the country... hands down.
    3 A huge chunk of my heart is with my son at West Point.
    4. We visit every chance we get!!!!