Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fresh Produce Skirt

This Fresh Produce skirt has been my best friend since late Spring. It is the most versatile clothing piece in my closet. The pewter color allows it to go well with pastels and pink. It dresses up, as you can see in this picture. It also dresses down with flip flops and a tank top for those 100 plus degree temps we have had all summer long (and will have again this upcoming week). Had I been able to vacate at the beach this past summer, the skirt would have been perfect also as a bathing suit cover-up.

Let me just ask this question: Have you ever had a skirt which would take you from the beach to a wedding shower to an event at West Point? My Fresh Produce skirt did and will... minus the fun beach part which I have already lamented.

I also think this skirt would look very cute with a pair of boots. It can definitely carry me into the fall. March through October... that's the hardest working item in my closet!

And another thing... it packs like a dream. I think it would be perfect for a European trip where clothes have to work extra hard to be versatile. I can iron this skirt or leave it wrinkle-dy for different looks.

Lastly, this skirt is just plain fun to wear. Whenever I wear my Fresh Produce jersey- tiered skirt, the playful style just makes me happy!

Click over to Fresh Produce and check it out for yourself.

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  1. Love the outfit, the grey and pink go really well together!

    Jan @