Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seaside Chest

I always forget to snap the "before" photo because once I set my mind to a project, I dive right in and quickly begin!

This chest of drawers was a very common brown antique piece which had belonged to my client's grandmother. The client's husband had said, "Why don't you just buy a new chest?" The client wanted to do something different to give the chest new life instead.

The antique is a very sturdy piece and finds its home in a powder room decorated in posters from the client's favorite vacation spot: Seaside, Florida. I immediately knew that I wanted to give the chest a soft sand- meets- the- ocean type feel.

One of the chest's best features was the drawers' keyholes. The keyholes had been hidden in drab brown-ness for over a century, so I distressed around them to make their presence known!

And... of  course... I had a bit of fun with the knobs.

The original brown shows forth in this picture.

After the painting, I added a very smooth coat of hand-rubbed wax. I love the silky finish!


  1. love that beautiful blue!

    hope you'll stop over soon--we'd love to have you.