Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Finishing Strong in 2012: The Report

This year of "finish" and "finish strong" has been completed. I finished a lot in 2012; some things remain unfinished. Hillcrest Cottage still has many remodeling projects left half-done.

 However, I have to say I deserve a huge pat on the back for the things which were finished well.

This is the official "Finish Strong in 2012" Report.

Finished...The Selling of My Childhood on Ebay

I am very proud to report that the de-cluttering of Hillcrest Cottage has been accomplished. The work of removing clutter is never quite finished, and I still have some fine tuning to do. But, for the most part, I have sold everything there has been to sell, donated the worthless, and given a good chunk to my now-married son and his beautiful wife. 

"Good-bye, Buffy from Family Affair! See ya in my mind's eye."

"Un" Finished... Floor...2013?
Okay... so I have a closet which still needs sheetrock, a floor half-tiled, and a kitchen half-painted... I can't beat myself up for these incomplete finishes.

Finished... 21 Years of Middle Son

Finished... 17 Years of School Lunches

Finished... 17 Years of Private School Tuition Payments

Finished... 7 Years of Hillcrest Cottage Basement's Weekly "Imagine Student Ministry"

Finished... The High School Graduation

Finished...The Graduation at West Point

 West Point graduation was everything I had imagined it would be... exciting, filled with pride, emotional, and fun. My only regret was that my youngest son graduated on the exact same day. How can a mom who has never missed a minute of her son's life miss his high school graduation... tore my heart out. So, imagine our delight when we were able to fly our high school graduate to South Carolina for a rendezvous and huge family celebration... one of the highlights of the Hillcrest Cottage year!!! 

Thanks to Uncle Danny and Aunt Rosanne for making this celebration possible!

Congrats to BOTH Graduates

Finished... Cadet-Turned-2LT Leaves West Point

Finished...The Wedding... Me & My Stuart
Finished...The Wedding...Cousins with Grandmother "Dee"
Finished...The Wedding...Me & My Davis

Finished...Last Son Leaves Hillcrest Cottage & Begins College

Finished... A Wild Summer '12... Two Boys Leave Hillcrest Cottage

The whirlwind of activity which swirled through Hillcrest Cottage from April to August left as quickly and violently as it had arrived.
Finished 2012...The BEST Christmas EVER at Hillcrest Cottage

Epic. Wild. Emotional. Awesome. I can't comprehend ever having another year as full as this year of "Finish". This year was truly the wildest ride imaginable. This year  has left me tired, but extremely happy and thankful.

On this first day of 2013 I am anticipating the new year. We have another graduation soon appearing on the horizon. 

"Didn't I just send that second son to college last year?" 

Coming soon Hillcrest Cottage's 2013 word and verse will be revealed.


  1. Oh my goodness! What a year!! I cannot even imagine doing all that you've done, although I keep saying to my husband that the next 10 years are going to be CRAZY. You're just ahead of me and it makes me tired to even read about this. Wow!

    But congratulations on all of the achievements and the joy and the celebration you encountered this year. What blessings!

  2. Bev, I just read your "finishing strong" post. I LOVED it!!!!! You need to write a book!! It would sell a million copies on the first day it was released. Then you could go on the road to promote the book and I'll go with you and be your manager!!!!! :)