Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hillcrest Cottage in a Magazine

Here's a cool local magazine that I liked even before Hillcrest Cottage got to be a small part.

The June 2013 issue has a great article on area lakes. The sad part is that even I had difficulty finding an issue. In the past I have stumbled upon the magazine and had enjoyed it. I went to four places looking for his issue with no luck.

I can spy with my little eye  two suitcases, a tackle box & my Coke cooler. There are several other photos sporting Hillcrest Cottage wares. Some of the items are from my personal collection, while others are for sale.

My friend Kimberly Cyr Calhoun from Mums the Word was the stylist for the article and filled up half her car with Hillcrest Cottage goodies for the shoot.

It was my first magazine in which to be mentioned, so I wanted to share the news.

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  1. I think that is totally cool! Congrats! How have you been? Long time no chat! Hope you're well. :) ~sharon