Saturday, January 8, 2011

Screwy News at Hillcrest Cottage

Hillcrest Cottage had been number-less ever since I had built my front garden fence. Delivery men and visitors were often confused when trying to find my house. A few weeks ago, the Fed-X man even gave me an unexpected Christmas delivery... my neighbor's computer!

But, I couldn't settle for just any numbers... I had dreamed of these awesome bronze twig numbers!

The Hillcrest Cottage men pooled their resources, and I happily received 4, 2, 0, and 1 for Christmas! There was, however, one glitch: the screws which came with the antique bronze numbers were a very shiny, new brass!


No problem! I was soon off to my neighborhood hardware store where the men are friendly and knowledgeable. Click on Kraftco to read about my incredible store.

I was briefed by the Kraftco man on the quick history of screws and discovered to my dismay, that bronze screws are no longer manufactured, except in specialty situations, and it is not cost-effective for my twig number company to manufacture screws to match their numbers.


Fortunately for me, the wonderful Kraftco man was the only employee who knew of an old box full of screws like that for which I was searching! He, then, pulled out a dusty box on the top shelf and produced these:

The box was marked "1964". The cost was .25 per screw. The match was perfect.

The end result made me very happy. Thank you, Hillcrest Cottage men and Kraftco! The delivery men thank you, too.


  1. I love your artistic flair and how you are so well connected in your community. What a thoughtful gift, they look so pretty!

  2. Sometimes it's the simplest things that make us happy... glad you found your numbers and screws -- looks great! :)

  3. The numbers look *AWESOME* Bev! I love them! And they look perfect with the bird above them too! Nice job! :)

    (poop. hahahaha!)

  4. What a great story! I love it that some many wonderful random things happen over there in your life ... & that you share them with the rest of us!


  5. What a wonderful Christmas gift from the Kinley men!

    And I've long believed that Santa and the elves live at Kraftco. They know everything!