Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bring It

Snow is on its way. Expected accumulation 4". Everyone around here knows to run quickly to the store. And... when the snow does come... everyone knows that no one will be able to make it to work... but they will be able to make it to whoever's house has the biggest pot of chili or the best movies playing.

It's just a little game we play here in Arkansas.

For now... we hunker down and wait.

Presently, all that matters are my new:

And this Arkansas Snow Day standard fare:

Dear Reader, if you know not of Rotel and Velveeta Dip, please message me because I'm telling you right now, "You have never truly lived."


  1. Oh yes, I'm well acquainted with both of those. My husband loves Velveeta. On just about everything. :)

    Looks like you do have everything covered. Sit back and enjoy! :)

  2. I expect photos of your snow day with you wearing your Uggs and eating chips and Rotel/Velveeta dip! Have fun! :)

  3. I was soooo jealous of the snow days! And I enjoyed the snow pics posted by everyone on Facebook. We had 2 houseguests who had to extend their stay here for an extra 3 days because the were snowed "out" of Arkansas!

    Younger daughter dreaded going to the grocery on Saturday. She said they had milk, bread, and eggs, but were running low on toilet paper and coffee. And priorities being what they are . . . . !

    Ahhh -- Rotel dip!

  4. Just happened across your blog! I remembered Davis from LRCA. My kids Caylie and Christian Gillum used to go there too. We are homeschooling now. I'll put you on my blog list, and follow you! :)

    Hope things are going well at LRCA!

  5. Well I don't even Know what Velveeta dip and Rotel are , but I am afraid I am more into the food home made , from sauces to pasta to cakes etc....(: Probably my Italian up-bringing....
    I like Your new family member ...
    and thank U