Monday, November 25, 2013

Day One of Thanksgiving & One Chick Doing It All

Monday, Day One:
Today is my day to do a bit of dusting (where it counts only) and a lot of vacuuming (Thank you, Mac the Labradoodle, Lucy the Goldendoodle-less, & my 90- year- old house).

Time to iron all the linens. Sometimes I use my white linen tablecloth, but I also enjoy this yellow tablecloth because I like the yellow with the blue antique Bavarian china passed down from my grandmother.

If I had anything shiny, I would use this cream today. (Special note: I do have two very large dogs, an alarm system, and a house full of manly men with a variety of weapons.)

And, I pulled out the calligraphy supplies to make personalized place cards for the table. I will share the results when I show the finished table all set and ready to go.

I also organized my recipes for the first day of cooking which will begin Tuesday.

Cornbread was made for the dressing I will put together on Tuesday. Hard- boiled eggs are for the gravy to be made on Thursday.

Looking forward to Tuesday as I begin to cook anything that will safely keep for two and a half days.


  1. It appears we have a similar menu and first day of food prep. I can't do the cleaning. (ahhh shucks!) This is the first time since Jake's first Thanksgiving that I wont be with my parents and brothers for the holiday. And though I will miss them, I know that being with my children and grand babies will be amazing.

  2. One of my favorite memories was cooking/prepping Thanksgiving two years ago:)