Saturday, November 9, 2013

Not Your Typical Country Outing

Come with me on a beautiful fall excursion to the incredible Garden Home of P. Allen Smith. You should know his work from Southern Living, his incredible books, television shows, and his YouTube videos series. In a few short years, he has created an unbelievable "garden home" (his trademark) at the Moss Mountain Farm in Roland, Arkansas.

I had the awesome opportunity to join a tour of the house and garden. I also enjoyed an elegant country luncheon inside the barn. 

Best grits I have ever put into my mouth! 

Consumed with great delight was the pecan buttermilk pie. I have never had luck with the traditional "karo nut" pie (Mainly because I only attempt the pie once a year. At this rate, I figure it could take a decade of Thanksgivings to perfect.) Therefore, this year I will be adding the buttermilk delight to my Thanksgiving menu. 

I expect this pecan buttermilk pie will make me very popular.

Back to the farm.... Imagine a place where every material thing I love in life can be found in one location.

A Shady 350 Year Old Tree.

A Wide, Welcoming Front Porch.

Garden Gates.

Places to Day Dream.

Enjoying the Sunny Warmth on a Crisp Autumn Afternoon.

Bicycles on Country Roads.

Interesting Chickens.

Bright Pink Roses.

Pastoral Views Which Seem Endless.

Barn Doors with Surprises Inside.

 Strong Coffee in Fun Mugs... Added This Baby to My Collection.

The Perfect Blend of Antiques & Modern Comfort.

I Can Imagine My Vintage '72 Black Raleigh Bicycle with Wicker Basket Parked Here.

Go Ahead & Ring the Bell... I've Arrived in Heaven.

And... I Really Do Not Want to Leave.

Please be sure and check out all the P. Allen Smith "Garden Home" resources. I love all the ways this farm is giving back to the local community and also teaching people rural skills which are quickly fading like chintz on a sun-filled veranda.

The Moss Mountain Staff were hospitable and welcoming. They work tirelessly to make the guests feel at home... and I did. 

Many thanks!

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