Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day Two of Thanksgiving & One Chick Doing It All

Tuesday, Day Two: This will be the most boring post ever. I am in the thick of the preparation battle. I am tired. My feet and back hurt. It is late, and the kitchen is finally cleaned. I am facing a long day tomorrow... pie day.

My mom and college-age niece spent the afternoon cooking with me. Mom rooted us on from her stool. I taught my niece a few things about how to make a sweet potato casserole and homemade yeast rolls. We caught up, told funny stories, and I threw in a family history lesson (My favorite!) 

Time well spent.

Things left undone on todays list will roll over onto tomorrow's... but that's okay. If I am too busy for family, then why am I even doing this thing? Right?

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