Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Four Days of Thanksgiving & How One Chick Truly Can Do It Alone

Follow me for four days of Thanksgiving feast prep, and I will show you how one chick (me!) can do it all! 

"Why would you want to fly solo?" you ask. My mom is 84 and gave up helping several years ago. Both my parents were only children. Although I once had many greats, I grew up with zero aunts. My husband's family is in South Carolina. I have three sons. (Special note: My adult son who enjoys cooking will be preparing his Thanksgiving dinner miles away in El Paso, even though his wife is perfectly capable.) Lastly, it is the "off" year for my siblings and their families which translates to no sister-in-laws or nieces to contribute.

I am really not into being a martyr, it's just the way my Hillcrest Cottage life is.

For the next few days, I will demonstrate how, with organization, proper planning, and hard work (no lie...hard work). One chick really can do it all.

Grocery shopping and menu planning done. And, yes, my frozen turkeys are already thawing in the basement fridge.

Come back tomorrow to see how Hillcrest Cottage begins a fun-filled week.

P.S. Everything on my menu is made from scratch... even my pie crusts.

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  1. I should have taken off work and come and at least watched! I haven't made a pie! I made pumpkin pie cake for a pot luck last week and am sticking with homemade brownies 'coz that is what my family loves...! P.S. One of my family members wants to eat at my house at noon coz he has another family committment at two. LOL!
    You ROCK!